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27-29 December 2019

Skyscraper restaurant, 26th floor SPA and Sky-wheel of Tallinn. 

And of course, winter fairy-tail Old town.


Discover stylish, technological and hipster Tallinn with us. 


A New Art and Creative Scene Takes the Streets of Tallinn

The story of Telliskivi Creative City


Soviet mechanics, locomotives, and transformers may be gone, but their industrial echo remains. As the 21st century landed, the former Kalinin factory was an impenetrable colossus at the intersection of Kalamaja and Pelgulinna districts. 

Loomelinnak today

It's friendly space for fragile thoughts and projects. We give them shelter, discount their rent, and help them get on their feet.


Instagramable Rotermanni Quarter 

The Rotermann Quarter, located in the heart of Tallinn between the Old Town, the port, and Viru Square, sits in a historically important area – the crossing point of the Tartu, Narva and Pärnu highways was at Viru Square in the 19th century, which is also the official centre of Tallinn. 

The Rotermann Quarter gives visitors an extraordinary opportunity to spend quality time in quieter and smaller urban areas with it's unique architecture style, discovering shops, restaurants, and wine bars fit for both everyday life and occasions that are more refined.

Wooden Tallinn


Kalamaja District

This quiet little neighbourhood just outside the Old Town is eye-catching for its colourful wooden buildings. Throughout most of Tallinn’s history Kalamaja served as the town’s main fishing harbour. The wooden houses  architecturally unique and called 'Tallinn Houses'. 

Recently the area has taken on a bohemian atmosphere, becoming the residence of choice for young, creative types. Clever use of space and dedicated use of local produce makes the local restaurant-cafés an integral part of the Kalamaja atmosphere. It’s the part of town where you will get the best feel of the locals’ life-style.